Whirlpool Tubs

DJ Industries brings three decades of experience to the manufacturing of our Insulated Jetted Baths. Our acrylic whirlpool tubs are designed and engineered to provide unmatched performance at an affordable price.

Stay Hot Guarantee!

Our insulated jetted baths are engineered to stay hot without an in-line heater – due to the use of high-density foam insulation and our unique, passive warm air induction. All jetted baths are fully insulated for maximum heat retention and noise reduction, and mounted on a solid base.

Choose The Right Tub For You!

Jetted – Air Massage – Combination Tubs

At DJ Industries, we manufacture three types of popular whirlpool tubs – Jetted, Air Massage and Combination tubs that provide the best of both jetted therapy and air massage.

Industry Leading Innovations

At DJ Industries, our whirlpools feature many advanced engineering and innovations not found on most other tubs.
This includes:

•    Each whirlpool is totally insulated.
•    Extra depth on each tub.
•    Upper back jets on Advanced jet systems.
•    Passive warm air induction using the motor to assist in maintaining water temperature.
•    Customized pump locations for easy access.






Choose Your Style

Are you building a new home or renovating an existing bathroom? DJ Industries offers 30 plus models and a wide range of shape, color and trim options to help you complete the look and functionality you’re striving for. You will find detailed specifications on all our whirlpools elsewhere on our website. Explore by Whirlpool Tubs.